Social projects

Food aid
In cooperation with the Israeli partner organisation "Pitchon Lev" (open heart), food is distributed to over a thousand impoverished families every week with the help of volunteers. These include single parents, immigrants from countries such as the former Soviet Union or Ethiopia, pensioners suffering from old age, and poverty and socially disadvantaged families.

Home care
Since 1996, a team from the ICEJ home nursing service has provided many older Russian immigrants in Jerusalem with weekly nursing care and also emotional support. Most of these immigrants suffered during World War II. When memories return, it increases the feeling of abandonment. Our team offers encouragement and practical help on a daily basis for these often lonely people.

Many families in Israel live in poverty and are therefore unable to celebrate the Passover as tradition decrees. Every year, thanks to its supporters from all over the world, the ICEJ social department distributes Passover care packages to people in need all over Israel.

Israel’s southern border with the Gaza Strip remains a troubled area. Its residents have had to deal with many dangers in recent years: rocket attacks, terror tunnels, snipers and fire balloons. For many years, the ICEJ, together with our friend and partner Rabbi Shmuel Bowman, have been installing protective bunkers in places along the Gaza border, and we have also been supplying all-terrain firefighting equipment to increase the safety of residents. Help us increase their security to enable them to stay!

In addition, the ICEJ social department carries out numerous other social projects across Israel.